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Listening - Making - Finishing

Consistency, throughout - freedom of experience

  • Designing a space, especially if it’s a home, is a deeply personal experience.

    That’s why we work closely with you to understand what excites you, bring it into your life and learn about you to ensure that we deliver great design by use materials, set appropriate parameters.

    We understand that spaces need to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, when working together you will benefit from guidance, experience, our expert knowledge and insight into the industry, avoiding costly mistakes, saves you time and stress.

    Guider will be your single point of contact at every stage of project development to ensure that your project stays on track, on schedule and on budget.

    For simplicity while implementing the project, we offer some suggestions, which will bring convenience in the process of creating a complete and meaningful living space with you.

  • 1. Listening



    After receiving your contact information.

    We begin to contact, meet and discuss with you the needs and desires towards the project. We will establish a portfolio of work and services that can support your project.


    Together with you, create a project summary and accompanying steps for you to review and confirm to move on to the next steps.


    Send us information about your project


  • 2. Making

    2.1. Design

    – Learn, analyze and judge “Functional spatial layout”

    – Plan, develop and adjust detailed “Technical Drawings”

    – Select, present and complete the overall “Perspective design drawing”


    2.2. Synchronized

    – Measure, verify and update “Actual drawing”

    – Compare, discuss and decide “Construction option”

    – Deploy, adjust and complete the “Design synchronous drawing”


    2.3. Supply products

    – Survey, estimate, confirm “The level of completion of the project”

    – Ordering, manufacturing, shipping and installing products.

    – Technical instructions on components and accessories “Product usage procedure”


  • 3. Finishing