Trang chủ / History

Be Hithanks - Be Better

  • 2012

    Hithanks started manufacturing custom furniture products.

    Focus your efforts on creating simple style products with better technique and art.

  • 2013

    Apply Flatpack design and production method and research and develop products in the direction of detailed structural design.

    Bringing CAD-CAM programming applications into production.


  • 05 - 2015

    Hithanks Co., Ltd. and brand new.

    Step by step digitize the operation and production system. Officially certified as a company trademark from the National Office of Intellectual Property. Start planning towards becoming a brand with sustainable value.


  • The first showroom in Da Nang was formed.

    Products are displayed in each function space. Bringing customers a solution throughout, synchronized details from design to production and installation.

    Applying BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology to manage project information models.

  • 07 - 2017

    Showhouse Da Nang


  • 2018

    Attend the exhibition, bring here solutions of kitchen systems, furniture in civil houses.

    Shaping the space design style and product placement according to the new urban lifestyle.


  • 2020

    Office in Ho Chi Minh

    In the process of working with many partners, factories, customers in Ho Chi Minh and the southern region.

    We have a welcome, support and help in establishing the market here.

    The office opened and started business, which helped us more fully meet the wishes and expectations of our customers here and in the neighboring provinces.

    We welcome and strive to bring “space creation” solutions according to more diverse, optimal and effective criteria.


  • 2022

    Showroom Ho Chi Minh

    Collaborating to create new value with the world’s original manufacturing brands.

    Products are carefully designed, oriented towards innovation, suitable for space in their own way.

    This combination helps to shape the role of product design and control in accordance with international quality standards.