Trang chủ / About Hithanks

Creating space

Freedom experience

  • Introduce

    Over the past 10 years, Hithanks has created and developed furniture products that address consistency and continuity in the way industrial furniture, sheet metal, user’s dissatisfaction with the quality of existing fixtures.

    Today Hithanks upholds the goal of responsible design, developing mass customize manufacturer technologies and sustainable economic models, resulting in products with lasting aesthetic and usability qualities.


  • Our job

    Hithanks and customers are create spaces in their own style.

    By spending a lot of time discussing, measuring and calculating carefully, we accurately synchronize the functional space with the modern lifestyle. Creating products that are balanced, sophisticated, eliminating unnecessary elements but still ensuring full functionality and comfort during use.


  • Value towards

    Diversity in product design, focusing on important and essential features. Bringing the product back to its original simplicity and purity.

    The functional space is closely associated with the furniture used, the overall living space has high quality in terms of technique as well as aesthetics.

    Effective in building sustainable lifestyle, scientific lifestyle, natural environment and awakening the experience of freedom.