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Personnel recruitment

  • Our values

    Hithanks is a space designer, not an interior decorator. That distinction means that we consider a project in the context of the space as a whole rather than looking at a number of individual components. Hithanks aims at scientific lifestyle, natural environment and free experience to create a valuable living space.


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  • How to apply?

    Hithanks deeply believes that the “right” people are our greatest asset.

    We appreciate people with energy, a sense of life and a love of creativity. People who believe that there is always a solution to every problem, than those who do not dare to look at any problems that occur in life. People with direction and determination to work.

    Those who care more about what is right than who is right.

  • What happens next

    We need you to carefully review “website content” before applying.

    To work with Hithanks team, please send email to, email including CV and content of your desired job or area of ​​expertise if any.

    In the email, tell us: “Can we create joy through work?”. We need to know that you want to work in Hithanks playground.

    Thank you!

  • Your Responsibilities

    Live our vision, values, and beliefs every day.

    Support the daily operation of Showroom, liaise with Hithanks sales and installation team to plan the project.

    Work effectively in a fast-paced environment with exceptional attention to detail, while simultaneously working on multiple projects with tight deadlines.

    Proactively identify opportunities or challenges within development and proactively find solutions.

    Representing the Hithanks brand through careful communication, personal and professional appearance.

  • Our request

    Good ability to work independently and collaboratively.

    Ready to travel – initially recruited candidates will work in Design center for training purposes.

    Punctuality, patience and the ability to effectively interpret customer needs.

    Proficient in the use of computers and Google applications.

    Fluent in writing and speaking, preferably in other languages.


    For the inexperienced

    Interested in furniture related jobs.

    Have a basic education background, work hard and be careful.

    Willing to work in any position in the company.


    For the experienced

    Competent in the field of furniture design or manufacturing.

    Ability to organize: Self-recognize the work to be done and know the time and people to complete the work.

    Working spirit, serving in all situations: Always find the best solution for the job and for the customer to arrange.

  • That person will be

    Be ethical, honest, open-minded and a good listener.

    Careful and diligent – ​​even meticulous.

    Humble, confident and also has a gentle, kind and trustworthy personality.

    Want to find solutions to problems encountered, ready to face challenges.

    Requires high standards.

    Have a desire to be in the world of art, architecture, craft and design.

    Formal yet professional, while respecting traditional courtesy and good manners.

  • Current vacancies




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    To maintain and grow Hithanks presence in the market – by advising customers on the use of Hithanks furniture, helping them to plan, solutions to their needs, and at the same time convincing convince them of the long-term benefit of buying less for better quality.

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    As someone who plays an integral role in providing design services to clients, helping them access spatial orientation with technical drawings. This exciting opportunity will transform the Hithanks vision into realistic renderings of awe-inspiring spaces, places and experiences.

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  • Don’t see anything that fits?

    If you feel our values ​​and goals are right for you, but you cannot find an available job that matches your skill set, we are always happy to receive your letter and your CV. 

    Hithanks is always ready to welcome!