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Together, let's grow together

  • Direction

    Over the past 10 years, Hithanks has been creating and developing furniture that gives its customers a more positive concept of life. Today Hithanks aims at responsible design as well as continuously producing and maintaining high quality products.

  • We believe


    In the modern world, where disengagement, injustice, and short-term interests are pervasive, there are people and companies that persist  in pursuing long-term value. They build long-term relationships with Customers – Partners – Suppliers – Employees, by treating each other with respect and not accepting long-term losses for so-called short-term profits.


    Have a desire

    We have personal preferences, dreams of the future, but is that all?

    In work, “Desire” is more than just wanting a job to do. It is also the desire to do a job you love, with like-minded people, and above all, really want to create different values ​​for yourself and the community. There is a desire to work to have the energy to act.


    There are skills

    Basic skills are formed over time and each individual’s experience. Hold, hold, hear, see and feel.

    When starting a career, other skills will be formed and developed based on the basic skills and the ability to receive new knowledge. Only when we are proactive and practice regularly can we turn it into a special skill, then the value of our work will be truly recognized.


  • Let's cooperate together