• Shape your family's culture

    There is something very fresh and vibrant about a neat and clean kitchen. It helps to create a spirit and a culture for the house, spreads peace and order, helps us save time on cleaning work. The value of the kitchen demonstrates “hospitality” through the host’s willingness to welcome friends, family visitors and enjoy a meaningful meal together.

  • Common kitchen problems

    The arrangement of utensils and food on the kitchen table is disorderly, causing loss of aesthetics.

    Items left in the wrong place, lack of storage space.

    Many of the fixtures are duplicate or rarely used.

    Frequent water leaks in washing and food preparation areas.

    Wrong position of cooking, washing, and storage areas affects movement during cooking.

  • What does a good kitchen design achieve?

    Ensure the harmony of the elements of space – light – air circulation.

    Size, scale, color, material, surface layout are synchronized with the whole house.

    Ensure convenient transportation when cooking.

    Easily connect with neighboring spaces.

    Easy cleaning and maintenance.

    Easily access the items you use frequently.

    Love discovering the value from the food that cooking brings.


  • Products commonly used in the kitchen

    1. Cabinet & Shelves 


    2. Worktop & Backsplash


    3. Sinks & Tabs


    4. Appliance & Equipment


    5. Acessories & Ware

  • 3 elements of design


    Furniture – in the kitchen: Is a system of kitchen cabinets, sideboards, cupboards, food storage cabinets, tables and dining chairs, ..
    These are furniture used directly every day, so when choosing choose to place in the kitchen should focus on the following criteria:

    Quantity: Do not arrange too much, only choose the products that are really necessary.
    Function: Furniture must be fully functional. The kitchen cabinet system must have enough space to arrange 5 separate functional areas (cooking – washing – preparing – storing food – storing non-food). Household appliances that use electricity must have their own cabinets to store and manipulate directly, avoid placing them on the kitchen table.

    Layout: Functional areas must be arranged scientifically, creating comfort and convenience when using, without wasting too much time searching or manipulating.
    Quality: Minimalist style furniture must be simple but sharp, the quality is durable with time, easy to clean, clean after use, if it is possible to replace it later, the better. .



    Furniture should use neutral colors. The most commonly used color gamut today is gray and white. 

    Simple, elegant but no less “luxury”. Black is also an impressive color – the kitchen will become stronger and more personal. If you want to combine a different color to create more accents, choose accent colors on decorations such as paintings, curtains, walls or ceilings, etc.


    FINALLY: Make the most of NATURAL LIGHT

    Making the most of natural light, harmoniously combining with artificial light (lamps) will create unique effects, making the kitchen space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

    The kitchen is the heart of the house, where most of the family members’ time is spent eating and chatting. So be careful when designing, so make everything simple and comfortable.

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