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5M and product culture

  • Materials

    Materials and components to create products

    The connection and movement accessories are standardized from the design of the components and are directly used from Hettich (Germany).


  • Machines

    Machines and equipment to support the production process

    Components are manufactured on machines that ensure consistent and precise quality as well as a high level of quality finishing.

    Wood parts are Nesting (arranged) on software then Cutting (Cutting) on ​​Panelsaw, Edge banding (edge ​​banding) and Milling & Drilling (drilling, milling details) on Homag (Germany) lines. , SCM (Italy).

    Metal parts are designed in detail then through the processing stages on fiber laser machines and pressing (shocking) on ​​Bystronic (Switzerland), Amada (Japan).


  • Methods

    Methods for forming products

    Elements are the basis for forming components from which products are formed. Products that are detailed to each component are the foundation to ensure product quality is always at a high level and can be replaced when there is an adjustment or damage during use.


  • Measurement

    Finished detailed inspection measurement

  • Money

    Product price

    Product prices are formed by us from the smallest details and operated by BOM (Bill of materials).

    This helps the price of products and services to be clear, optimal and suitable for most users’ needs.


  • Product culture

    1. Systems thinking

    Hithanks products are designed as true systems with high quality specification and finishes to ensure flexibility, adaptability, durability and longevity. A real system should be simple to build, develop, repair, and dismantle. Most Hithanks furniture consists of recycled steel and compostable wood, assembled with mechanical joints (not glued or welded) to allow for dismantling and replacing down to the last detail. It is important that everything is designed and manufactured to help the product last as long as possible.


    2. Reuse rather than recycle

    Hithanks generates as little waste as possible, at all times and in all areas of the business. Hithanks has its own standard system, which is carefully tested from reputable material suppliers. All orders are assembled and packaged by our team. This ensures the longest product life. Customers stick with the product for a long time and still meet the needs when adding new items, which is less expensive than cheap products.


    3. Consume Less

    Every customer who comes to Hithanks consumes and destroys less in their lifetime. We design and manufacture products with the desire and encouragement of customers to stick with the product longer. That’s why we only offer quality products that are most suitable for the purpose the product brings.


    4. Honest prices, no discounts

    At Hithanks we create our own furniture and deliver it directly to our customers. We guarantee the best price and service by selling directly, regardless of quantity and geographical location. We’ve agreed over the years that we don’t price products in a “discount” way from their original price. Some companies often sell “discounts”. However, this way of discounting may result from listing a “commercial price list” which may cost more than a “retail price list”. At Hithanks, we don’t use this approach. In short, we have a discount for everyone.


    5. Fight against obsolescence

    Each product is designed by Hithanks according to its usefulness, so it is easy and convenient for customers to use the product for a long time without having problems with future needs or quality. down of the product.