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  • Overall design


    Villa is a type of house designed and built on a relatively complete and isolated space from the common construction space. Usually, a villa is understood as a separate house with a garden (green trees, lawns, flower gardens, …), with separate fences and entrances. The design of villas requires high art and aesthetics.

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    description about townhouse

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    description about apartment

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  • Space design


    There is something very fresh and vibrant about a neat and clean kitchen. It helps to create a spirit and a culture for the house, spreads peace and order, saves us time in cleaning. The value of the kitchen demonstrates “hospitality” through the host’s willingness to welcome friends, family visitors and enjoy a meaningful meal together.

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    Functional space

    descripton about functinol space

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  • Home renovation

    From time to time, all types of housing projects need to be renovated and upgraded to suit the new lifestyle. Degraded and damaged items also need to be replaced, so when repairing a pre-existing structure, it is necessary to deal with a variety of elements that do not exist in a new construction.

    The pre-existing needs to be addressed, of which there are two main obstacles. The first is the lack of specific information about what has been built and what is hidden behind the finishes. The second is how long the building has existed and its deterioration as a result. In addition, because it is a renovation project, many problems will be discovered and resolved during the work, which requires a thorough cooperation between the client and those who design, supervise and manage the construction submit.

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